Increase joint strength and improve your body's proper balance by engaging in top-notch neuromuscular training.

You can train your nerves and muscles to react and communicate well with each other. There are exercises that focus on improving the coordination of these two body parts, and among the best options you have is neuromuscular training. This training exercise offers tons of great benefits that can improve your daily living.

Since neuromuscular training plays a vital role in ensuring that your nerves and muscles coordinate well, it’s important that you perform it right. The best way to make sure that you’re performing exercises the right way is by having professional coaches and personal trainers. These people have the required knowledge to guide you.

At Fitness RX Studios, we provide top-notch neuromuscular training. Our team of professional coaches and personal trainers can help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Having been in the industry since 2012, we are the best ones to help you with neuromuscular training.

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The Goals of Neuromuscular Training

Neuromuscular ability is the capacity of the nerves to signal the muscles to contract and counteract forces. For instance, when you squat to get something on the floor, your muscles need to contract to support your entire body weight.

Another example is when you jump and land. Muscles need to contract to be able to propel you forward and help you stabilize your body as you land. Here are some benefits of incorporating neuromuscular training into your routine:

A lot of times, people think about improving strength and endurance when working out. However, neuromuscular training is much more than improving these two things. It focuses more on educating people on how to improve the quality of their movements.

It improves the coordination between the upper and lower extremities of your body. For instance, a basketball player needs to jump and land accurately as well as dribble or shoot at the same time. By engaging muscles from the upper and lower extremities, neuromuscular training can help with that.

Increasing muscle strength through power training in the gym increases the rate of force development. A great example is it takes half a second for the muscles to fire and produce the maximum amount of force, but sprinters or athletes don’t have that much time when their foot hits the ground.

You can train your neuromuscular system through lifting to produce the maximum amount of force in just one-eighth of a second with power training.

Since neuromuscular training focuses on improving the quality of movements, it involves knowing the proper posture and techniques. With a deeper understanding of the right movement patterns, you are less likely to develop injuries.

The exercises involved in neuromuscular training also correct the muscular imbalances in the joints and the entire body. These muscular imbalances can cause you to have an unbalanced appearance and experience pain and limited mobility.

Muscular imbalances can also increase your risk of injury and damage to some of your body parts, including connective tissues, joints, muscles, ligaments, bones, and tendons. With neuromuscular training, you won’t have to worry about such issues.

When your nerves and muscles coordinate well, you can enjoy lots of long-term benefits. One of them is significant improvements in neuromuscular connections, such as:

  • Motor Fitness
  • Balance
  • Reaction Time
  • Agility
  • Power
  • Speed

Regardless of whether you’re frequently doing sports, practicing an active lifestyle, or busy with a lot of daily activities, improving neuromuscular connections can benefit you in big ways.

Why Choose Fitness RX Studios

Fitness RX Studios has been providing top-notch neuromuscular training since 2012. Having been in the industry for a decade, we have helped more than a thousand clients improve their neuromuscular abilities. We have a team of professional coaches and personal trainers to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Our team provides training programs both online and at our studio, so you can enjoy achieving your health and fitness goals even at home. We have developed a program called the Flexible Fitness System to provide you with a fitness and nutrition plan that suits your body, diet, and needs.

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Our Neuromuscular Training Program

At Fitness RX Studios, we ensure that we provide everyone with a fitness and nutrition plan that suits their lifestyle. When you work with our personal trainers, you can expect that we will help you with incorporating neuromuscular training into your routine.

Some of the exercises included in our neuromuscular training programs are:

Core Strengthening and Balance

Plyometric and Movement

Resistance Training

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