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Transform your body and improve your quality of life with a fitness program tailored to your body, diet, and spirit.

A well-rounded fitness program involves more than just an intense workout and rigorous diet regime. It involves following a thoughtfully designed structure that considers all aspects of life—mental, physical, and spiritual.

Partnering with personal trainers can ensure that your program is properly customized to your exact needs, goals, and lifestyle. Professional trainers can provide you with support, education, and accountability to help you achieve optimum results.

Fitness RX Studios has been providing multi-faceted personal training in St. Petersburg, FL, for ten years. We have developed a system that specializes in a PREHAB approach to getting you out of pain or avoiding injury. With a proper progression to loading the body and a unique form of scar tissue removal, we specialize in helping you out of pain! This system can then be progressed with anyone into strength training and be combined with our flexible nutrition plans.

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Who We Are

Fitness RX Studios has been among the most trusted providers of professional personal training in St. Petersburg, FL, since 2012. With a decade’s worth of experience, we have worked with over 1000 fitness trainees and enthusiasts, ranging from beginners to world-class athletes.

We were first established as a private gym studio in St. Petersburg. Nowadays, we are serving numerous clients and bodybuilders from different private and public gyms nationwide and helping them achieve their fitness and health goals and improve their quality of life.

With our years of hands-on experience and extensive knowledge in providing personalized fitness programs, we help our clients manage extreme weight loss, stroke recovery, post-orthopedic rehabilitation, and post-pregnancy changes. We have also helped numerous bodybuilders and fitness competitors succeed in their fields.

What Matters To Us

At Fitness RX Studios, we believe that achieving fitness also means living a healthy, improved life. Having experienced struggles of our own, we know that transformation is possible with dedication, commitment, and the right guidance from experts who truly care for you.

Fitness RX Studios was established by Jay Sherinksy. Jay was obese most of his life. After hitting rock bottom, he decided to change his life with fitness. He is now a retired bodybuilder and has participated in seven body-building competitions.

Nowadays, he’s a personal trainer in St. Petersburg, FL. Through experience, he helps trainees achieve their body and health goals.

The unfortunate battles mentioned led Jay to serve and help others achieve physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. With more than 30 years of experience, he has received personal training certifications and has developed a patented Flexible Fitness System, a simple, non-restrictive approach to fitness.

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What We Do

Being fit and healthy looks different for various types of people and life stages. There are many factors that shape a person’s health status, from food choices, sleep patterns, age, genes, and gender.

At Fitness RX Studios, we design fitness programs tailored to your needs. We do it by assessing your wellness, goals, and lifestyle through a simple questionnaire. We ensure that we offer exceptional, individualized programs to suit your needs.

Our fitness coaches and trainers specialize in:

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How We Do It

We offer customized personal training in St. Petersburg, FL. Once you book a program, we will evaluate your health status, fitness goals, and current lifestyle through simple but effective questionnaires. We use the patented Flexible Fitness System to devise the perfect nutritional and workout regimens based on the survey results.

We developed the Flexible Fitness System in 2016 to provide more personalized in-person and online personal training specific to the preferences and needs of our clients. This system improves metabolic health and body composition without restricting trainees in their food choices and daily activities.

Flexible Fitness System also goes beyond enhancing physical health and body appearances. This system involves improving our clients’ mental wellness and helping them maintain a high level of discipline, so they can make sustainable progress with limited setbacks.

Meet Your Personal Trainer in St. Petersburg, FL, Today!

Reach your fitness goal with an expert team who truly cares about you.

Fitness RX Studios provides in-person and online private training assistance for those who want to begin improving their quality of life, create a sustainable fitness regime, and achieve specific fitness goals. For more information about our personal training programs, reach out to our expert team today.

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