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“Prescribing new bodies daily” Your body, Your budget, Your schedule, Your results!   Weight loss programs and personal training programs. Bodybuilding, bikini, figure contest prep, pre and post pregnancy, rehabilitation, post surgery Our mission at Fitness Rx Studios is to equip each client with a fitness plan based around their budget, goal and life style. Each […]


Prescribing New Bodies Daily

15 Minute Quesadillas

Our family is together for breakfast, lunch and dinner most days of the week. Though I do not cook lunch everyday, I do love when I can cook up something for everyone besides sandwiches! This Christmas I was gifted one of these amazing instant pots. I had heard of them but didn’t understand what all […]

Sugar,The Sweet Side of Fitness

Sugar and carbohydrates are often looked at as the cause of obesity, weight gain and inflammation. Fortunately this is not the case; the main problem for majority of people is calories! What is Sugar? There are 3 main types of sugar: Monosaccharides (most of the sugar we consume from our diet, glucose & fructose), oligosaccharides [...]


Get Efficient in Your Workouts

Nutrition plays a leading role in changing the body’s composition but even with a dialed in nutrition plan at some point you will have to start putting in work in the weight room. Please keep in mind it is necessary to take a progressive approach to any weight training program.   Going to the gym [...]